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Characteristics and application fields of industrial PDA

The Internet of Things is the use of radio frequency identification technology (RFID), infrared sensors, satellite navigation systems (GPS), laser scanners and other information equipment, and according to the promised agreement, all objects can be connected with Internet technology to maintain information exchange and communication, Network for intelligent identification, precise positioning, tracking, monitoring and management.
Industry is an important application field of the Internet of Things technology. The combination of the industrial tablet and the Internet of Things combines automation and informatization to form a new type of intelligent terminal-industrial handheld tablet, also known as three-proof tablet computer and explosion-proof industrial tablet computer. , Industrial PDA. Industrial portable tablets use radio frequency identification technology (RFID), GPS, cameras, controllers and other cognitive, capturing, and accurate measurement methods to collect materials anytime, anywhere, and continue to fully automatic storage, real-time display of information/feedback, and automatic transmission. Improve productivity, improve product quality, reduce production costs and resource consumption.
The main features of industrial handheld PDA:
1. Lightweight and portable, easy to operate
Because of the need for hand-held operation, the design avoids the rugged and bulky appearance of industrial tablet computers. The appearance is beautiful and small, light and portable, and the operation is very simple, basically the same as a smart phone.
2. Powerful
Industrial portable tablet computer is a mobile industrial computer, with rich I/O ports and optional multi-function modules, compatible with Ethernet, wireless WIFI.4G and other networks, supporting face recognition, 1D/2D code, NFC , Fingerprint identification, identification, GPS/Beidou positioning, etc.
3. Rugged and durable
It can operate in extreme temperature ranges and harsh environments, and has the three-proof characteristics of waterproof, dustproof and drop resistance, and has passed IP67 protection certification.
4. Strong system compatibility
Applicable to WINDOWS and Android systems, you can choose different system software according to your needs.
5. Strong battery life
Built-in large-capacity lithium battery to meet long-term power supply needs.
The main application areas of industrial handheld tablets:
Handheld terminal equipment can be used to collect dispatcher’s waybill data collection, transit field, warehouse data collection, use the way of scanning express bar codes, send the waybill information directly to the background server through wireless transmission, and at the same time can realize the query of related business information, etc. Features.
Meter reading
The portable terminal equipment uses GPS positioning to ensure the circulation position, and the simulated person records against the model. While completing the work simply and effectively, the electrical industry department can more accurately count the power consumption.
In the process of investigating and punishing parking violations, the police can use hand-held terminal devices to query vehicle information, submit various types of illegal information anytime, anywhere, and fix evidence on the spot to investigate and punish parking violations. In addition to police affairs, administrative agencies such as health, urban management, and taxation are gradually trying to use handheld terminals to standardize administrative business and improve administrative efficiency.
Outdoor surveying and surveying
In surveying and surveying, a tablet computer is used for information collection and network communication.


Post time: Jun-06-2020
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