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Does webcast sales suit for international trade?

News one: 2019 China live streaming sales reach 62.1 billion dollar.

News two: The 127th Canton Fair will be held online from June 15 to 24

This brings opportunities and challenges to international trade company. New sales methods may bring new orders, but most export companies don’t have experience for live broadcast sales.Also include us SWELL.

As for this situation SWELL have our owe opinion. The following is the structure of this paper:

  1. The current situation of China B2B live sales
  2. The differences of B2C live sales and B2B live sales
  3. Does live broadcast sales suit for international trade?


Paragraph 1:The current situation of China B2B live sales

2016-2020 China B2B Live Sales Data







Market Scale(hundred million)






Growth Rate






Data collecting by iiMeida Research.(www.iimedia.cn)

With the COVID-19 impact continue, SWELL think the actual market scale of 2020 and growth rate will be further improved. Live broadcast sales has gradually become one of the sales channels that international trade company must consider, now we SWELL are also setting up our own live broadcasting team.

Paragraph 2:The differences of B2C live sales and B2B live sales

At present, China’s C-end market live broadcast is mostly a price game carried out by brands to please fans, while the b-end live broadcast will be obviously different. Besides the price, buyers pay more attention to product quality and after-sales service.

The core of C-end live broadcast is the popularity of the anchor, half of which is due to the product and price, and the other half is the fan effect. The core of the b-end is “product”. What the buyer recognizes is not the live foreign sales anchor, but the products’ performance, qualification and professional after-sales service of the manufacturer.

SWELL believes that B2B live broadcast needs to directly reflect the production process, reliable product performance, and transparent and effective after-sales service.

Paragraph 3:Does live broadcast sales suit for international trade?

SWELL’s answer is YES, but some conditions are need to be noticed.

Cost budget.

Labor cost: foreign trade business anchor, shooting technician, engineer

Hardware cost: live equipment, display platform,product sample

Time cost: release announcement, invite customers, live broadcast

 Prediction effect.Swell believes that the effect of live exhibition is very limited bu now. As the promotion is just beginning, industry manufacturer and buyers gathering is very low. Also live broadcast platform is not professional enough yet. For example, Alibaba’s online exhibition in June 2020 did not set up sub projects to guide different industry buyer enter the right live show.

Future trends.SWELL believes that online exhibitions can make some potential buyers who are not interested in international trade become buyers. This is an important way for manufacturer and foreign trade company to win over potential small and medium-sized customers.

Post time: Jul-30-2020
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