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PDA handheld terminal helps the digital construction of manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is entering an era of comprehensive digitalization. Promoting the in-depth application of digitalization and intelligence in key links such as production lines and warehouse management, optimizing the process system, and realizing the overall and visualized operation of planning, scheduling, logistics, and information flow are the most advanced digital construction of enterprises. , an inevitable choice to complete the transformation of intelligent manufacturing.

Help manufacturing companies to continuously break through the status quo, improve the degree of digitalization, and achieve further cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Production line – breaking the routine and continuously improving the efficiency of the production process

Assembling/packaging related link – semi-automatic scanning method

Product coding and coding: Coding and coding of products through the coding system.

Code packaging level association: After all products are packed, use data acquisition equipment to scan the barcodes on all levels of packaging, establish the corresponding relationship between the barcode and the box/box pallet, and complete the association.

In this link, the manufacturer originally used scanning guns to improve work efficiency, but in the actual operation process, it was found that the scanning button needs to be pressed every time. The labor intensity is not low, and the operators are prone to fatigue, so the efficiency has not been significantly improved.

According to the needs of the actual scene, a semi-automatic scanning method was creatively developed, allowing the staff to bid farewell to the operation method of holding the product in one hand and scanning in the other, and supports automatic assembly line operation to reduce labor intensity. At the same time, it also supports barcode printing on the outer packaging box, so that multi-level data associations such as primary packaging code, secondary packaging code, and tertiary packaging code can be quickly completed, providing a data basis for later anti-counterfeiting traceability and rapid warehouse entry and exit.

MES Passing Station Information Collection——New Application of Visual Recognition Products

On the assembly line of the production process, there are many types and specifications of barcodes, and there are requirements for reading codes on different planes. Currently, handheld data collection tools are mainly used, and one hand holds the material and the other holds the scanning device to complete the work.

The visual recognition product provides a new operation method for the information collection of MES stations. The fixed code reader is introduced in the assembly line station, so that employees can free their hands to hold the items that need to be read. The code reading is more stable and fast, shortening the Production time, improve production efficiency, while also ensuring the accuracy of the data.

Production process control – application of fixed RFID technology

RFID technology can realize the identification and tracking of raw materials, parts, semi-finished products and finished products throughout the production process, reducing the cost and error rate of manual identification.

Post time: Dec-20-2022
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