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Why 6 inches will be the new standard for handheld terminal PDA equipment?

Industry observers believe that since 2022, with the increasing number of new PDA products released by various manufacturers under the 6-inch size, the new specifications and standards for next-generation, stronger business capabilities, and dedicated Mobile computing PDA products are quietly changing.

At the moment when 4-5 inch screens are the standard configuration of full-screen PDAs, the larger screen size of 6 inches provides more equipment functions and data information and resources for on-site decision-making and judgment for front-line operations without the need for connection The docking station and the extended screen have brought about new changes in the perception of PDA equipment. It can independently carry out work on a link and a post without relying on the desktop operating system. Changing from 5 inches to 6 inches, new PDA screen size changes, and the distinction between categories may become blurred, which marks a new turning point in the development of PDA devices.

The reason for such a conclusion is that, unlike consumer handheld terminals, which have suitability considerations in terms of size, special-purpose handheld terminal PDA products will bring more obvious benefits after expanding the screen size to 6 inches. The business operability and convenience are more prominent and worthy of change than the slightly reduced suitability. At the same time, it still has efficient mobile flexibility and one-handed usability. The expanded screen space brings more functional display and a The current business is completely different from the overall control.

Coupled with the continuous development of new mobile terminal-specific business functions, 6-inch PDAs will enable workers to more significantly eliminate their dependence on desktop operating systems or large-scale equipment. Larger and brighter screens, professional scanning docks for outdoor scanning, battery hot-swappable capabilities, advanced range scanning and higher depth perception capabilities, these new features enable a new generation of dedicated Mobile computing PDA devices to be used in more scenarios Able to independently perform some professional positions in the business process.

As a new-generation PDA manufacturer, we have insightfully developed excellent productivity tools suitable for the digital transformation of various industries under the tide of the new digital economy.

PDA has brought tremendous changes to all walks of life around the world, and these changes have also spawned new solutions for industry-level applications to adapt to the new ecological situation. In the field of logistics, people’s pursuit of logistics transshipment efficiency has not slowed down due to travel restrictions. On the contrary, the continuous pursuit of logistics efficiency has led to continuous innovation and development of application solutions in various links, such as receiving and shipping The terminal, the integrated mobile measurement and receiving solution to reduce the contact time of the terminal, and the precise positioning solution to improve the delivery effectiveness, these are constantly innovating with the help of a new generation of handheld terminal PDA devices with higher configuration and more powerful functions and perfecting.

In the field of public services, new applications based on health code verification, human body temperature measurement, and face recognition have also promoted handheld devices with larger screens, higher configurations, suitable for outdoor operations, high-level protection capabilities, and better connectivity. The mobile digital sentinel solution of the terminal PDA solution can be widely used in various fields in combination with the business needs of public services.

These new changes make the new generation of higher-performance 6-inch series of handheld terminal Mobile computing PDA fully demonstrate its advantages in adapting to the needs of the new era, making it more attractive to logistics, warehousing, retail, transportation and on-site mobile enterprises. , and it is also the basis for new standards and new cognitions to become consensus.

Post time: Nov-30-2022
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