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Application of industrial grade flat panel in manufacturing industry

Mission 1——Process guidance

Status quo: Paper drawings cannot be enlarged or reduced; it is inconvenient to replace and easy to get dirty.

Task requirements: Complete the process correctly according to the process guidance diagram.

Effect: The accuracy rate is improved and the efficiency is improved.

Mission 2——Production Management

Status: The PC side cannot check the production progress anytime and anywhere.

Task requirements: Make inventory, production, equipment operation and other conditions real-time controllable.

Effect: The production process is visualized, and problems can be found in time.

Mission 3 – Packaging Association

Status quo: The scanning gun needs to be placed and placed frequently, which is not efficient; the workstation uses a PC, which has poor mobility.

Task requirements: Use a semi-automatic method to complete the code assignment and association operations.

Effect: hands free, precise matching.

Mission 4——Intelligent Forklift

Status quo: The operation of the industrial computer is complicated and the volume is large; the data communication capability is poor.

Task requirements: Upgrade the forklift to a smart forklift to complete inventory management tasks.

Effect: Dynamically grasp inventory information, improve management accuracy and efficiency.

Industrial-grade tablet, it is thin and reliable, has professional collection and real-time management capabilities, and the data management method provided can be widely used in multiple links such as production lines and supply chains. The rich bottom contact design endows the device with diversified application capabilities, supports mobile, semi-fixed, and fixed use in different scenarios, and allows one device to meet all your management needs.

Post time: Feb-01-2023
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