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  • Perfect Combination of Handheld PDA with Barcode scanner trigger

    Perfect Combination of Handheld PDA with Barcode scanner trigger

    Nowadays, businesses are constantly striving to increase productivity and streamline operations. The emergence of handheld PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and barcode scanner trigger has revolutionized the way businesses operation, which is increasingly becoming the trend. And, Handheld Smartp...
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  • UHF handheld, eight-core processor strong march!

    UHF handheld, eight-core processor strong march!

    UHF mobile phone . It is a machine used in warehouse inventory, new retail scanning code , manufacturing, police office and clothing management. Compared with the traditional mobile phones in the past, this mobile phone has added over-the-horizon RFID reading function . ...
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  • Mobile Handheld  terminal application-identification

    Mobile Handheld terminal application-identification

    With the development of science and technology, the popularization and application of intelligence, mobile handheld terminal is widely applied to various industries.  About the basic composition of the PDA handheld terminal. With a high performance and stable processor CPU, 1D/2D barcode scanner ...
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  • rugged tablet with biometric fingerprint technology

    rugged tablet with biometric fingerprint technology

    In the fast-paced world of technology, governments, banks and various institutions are increasingly relying on advanced solutions to meet their needs. An increasingly popular solution is a powerful biometric fingerprint rugged tablet. To meet this growing demand, the V81...
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  • Handheld terminal devices with one-button to achieve data collection and tracking

    Handheld terminal devices with one-button to achieve data collection and tracking

    With the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT), handheld terminal devices have become an indispensable application tool for various industries in the information age. Objects with 1D or 2D barcode or label (label attached to the properties of the object, char...
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  • Widespread use of RFID tags—C6 reader

    Widespread use of RFID tags—C6 reader

    Nowadays, common labels on the market are 1D and 2D barcode labels and RFID tags , such as shopping malls, warehousing and logistics and even production can be found everywhere, in the world of RFID tag technology continues to evolve, the demand for RFID devices that can withstand harsh environme...
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  • Application of RFID handheld terminals in traffic management

    Application of RFID handheld terminals in traffic management

    With the rapid development of global economy, the number of urban motor vehicles increased rapidly, and the city’s traffic management is increasingly complex. Traffic police in addition to the driver and vehicle information verification and patrol management, but also to face the increasing...
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  • Handheld PDA for the application of urban public transport card

    Handheld PDA for the application of urban public transport card

    Urban public transport facilitates convenient for citizens at the same time also be facing many challenges for transport management:  1.The number of bus passengers is much more, and the flow is large. If adopting traditional manual ticket checking, the workload is burdensome and inefficient.  2...
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  • Handheld terminal performance is powerful, no longer just limited to the logistics industry!

    Handheld terminal performance is powerful, no longer just limited to the logistics industry!

    For the understanding of handheld terminals, perhaps many people are still stuck in the impression of the logistics bar code scanning in and out of the warehouse. With the development of market demand for technology, handheld terminal has also been further applied various industries, such as manu...
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  • Enhance Cold Chain Integrity with Our Advanced Cold Chain Handheld Terminal V355.

    In today's globalized world, maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive products throughout the supply chain is of paramount importance. To meet this critical need, we proudly present our state-of-the-art Cold Chain Handheld Terminal V355. Combining cutting-edge ...
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  • What’s Intrinsically Safe Rugged Tablet (explosive rugged tablet)

    Explosion-proof tablet (Intrinsically safe rugged tablet ) is mainly able to operate safely in the presence of explosive gas environment, which specifically designed for hazardous situations. With the continuous expansion of the explosion-proof industrial tablet (intrinsically safe rugged tablet)...
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  • What is RFID and RFID application?

    RFID is the radio frequency identification technology that carries on the non-contact data communication between the reader and the tag to achieve the identification target. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags consist of microchips and radio antennas that store unique data and transmit it ...
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  • Handheld terminal Industrial PDA functions and application

    For industrial PDA, 2D collection function is a basic function, the more common RFID reading and its including the LF 125KHz FDX-B,HDX according to ISO/IEC11784/5,LF 125KHz(Supports HID Proximity, higher security for general ID cards) and LF 134.2KHz(FDX-B and HDX). Choice different frequencies ...
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  • How do you view the application of handheld terminals in manufacturing?

    In recent years, my country’s labor costs have continued to increase, and the demand for customization of small batches and multiple batches has gradually become a trend. More and more manufacturing companies are seeking informatization and digital transformation to achieve refined manageme...
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  • Application of industrial grade flat panel in manufacturing industry

    Mission 1——Process guidance Status quo: Paper drawings cannot be enlarged or reduced; it is inconvenient to replace and easy to get dirty. Task requirements: Complete the process correctly according to the process guidance diagram. Effect: The accuracy rate is improved and the efficiency is impro...
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  • PDA handheld terminal helps the digital construction of manufacturing industry

    The manufacturing industry is entering an era of comprehensive digitalization. Promoting the in-depth application of digitalization and intelligence in key links such as production lines and warehouse management, optimizing the process system, and realizing the overall and visualized operation of...
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  • The main purpose of the current PDA

    At present, the main uses of PDA are as follows: 1. Industrial automation system includes various control systems and automatic detection systems; 2. Process control includes temperature measurement and control, etc.; 3. Instruments and meters: used for the connection of various test instruments ...
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  • What are the types of barcode scanners? What are the differences?

    Barcode scanners are usually also called barcode scanners/readers, which are devices used to read the information contained in barcodes. Using optical principles, the contents of barcodes are decoded and then transmitted to computers or other devices through data lines or wirelessly. device of. W...
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  • Why 6 inches will be the new standard for handheld terminal PDA equipment?

    Industry observers believe that since 2022, with the increasing number of new PDA products released by various manufacturers under the 6-inch size, the new specifications and standards for next-generation, stronger business capabilities, and dedicated Mobile computing PDA products are quietly cha...
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  • PDA mobile scanning code inbound and outbound software system development to easily manage warehouse tasks

    Use the barcode scanning code entry and exit software to implement the whole process control and management of each link of the storage, and realize the serial number management of the barcode label for the cargo location, batch, shelf life, delivery, etc. The code-scanning inbound and outbound s...
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  • What are the applications of OCR handheld terminal PDA function?

    What is OCR technology? Optical Character Recognition (English: Optical Character Recognition, OCR) refers to the process of analyzing and recognizing image files of text materials to obtain text and layout information. Similar to image recognition and machine vision technology, the processing pr...
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  • Application areas of PDA

    1. Express logistics. Typical express, postal distribution, e-commerce distribution, tobacco distribution, warehouse inventory, as well as terminal distribution of major daily necessities manufacturers, drug distribution, in-plant logistics of large factories, and transportation from warehouse to...
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  • How to distinguish between barcode selection and RFID tag and scanning device?

    RFID and bar codes are both data-carrying technologies that store product information on tags, but they have very different functions. So how do you distinguish and choose between these two labels and scanning devices? First of all, what is the difference between RFID and bar code? 1. Different f...
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  • Handheld Terminal

    We strive to solve the pain points for customers in the industry and improve work efficiency. To this end, our Rugged Handheld Terminal PDA V520 has launched a new function, which supports PSAM card, which provides more efficient and convenient service for convenient payment of logistics. When th...
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  • Industrial PDA Handheld Terminal working principle introduction

    In order to meet the needs of mobile data collection and commodity circulation in the work of industrial PDA or industrial handheld terminal design, it has the characteristics of unity, mobility, small size, light weight, high performance, and suitable for handheld. It is a bar code detector scan...
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  • How to improve the multi-tag read rate of UHF RFID equipment?

    In the practical application of RFID equipment, it is often required to read a large number of tags at the same time, such as the inventory of the number of warehouse goods, the inventory of the number of books in the library scene, including dozens or even hundreds on conveyor belts or pallets. ...
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  • Handheld ticket gates make ticket management easier

    Tourist attractions, amusement parks, theaters, conferences and exhibitions, docks, stadiums and other event venues have a large flow of people, a wide variety of tickets, and complex ticket checking procedures. The traditional manual ticket checking method faces many challenges, and the hand-hel...
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  • Intel CPU rugged tablet, rugged laptop, rugged mobile computer, rugged terminal new products planning of 2023

    Design (Hardware and software) Today, with hundreds of millions of tablets sold, ruggedized tablets and Tablet PC convertibles are increasingly successful in many industries and business, consumers who need something more challenging and more durable than general tablets, so we make a comprehensi...
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  • Smart handheld PDA makes rail transit intelligent operation and maintenance more efficient

    The need for economic development drives the development of rail transportation such as ordinary railways, high-speed rails, high-speed trains, light rails, and subways. At the same time, rail transportation carries a huge flow of people and logistics, and is an inexhaustible driving force for ec...
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  • Reliable, Rugged Ultra-thin, and ultra-light design to bring you a new experience of Rugged Tablet.

    The latest 10.1-inch rugged tablet Q109 has new breakthrough in design, not only ultra-thin and ultra-light, but also built-in 2D scanning, which is a complete solution to the consumer tablet is not resistant to falling pain points, ruggedized tablets are too heavy, All ...
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  • Which industries can use smart handheld terminals?

    Which industries can use smart handheld terminals? Smart handheld terminal, also known as rugged tablet, refers to the tablet that is dustproof, waterproof and anti-shock. The IP Code is shortened for Ingress Protection (IP) ratings, an international standard to specify the extent of protection. ...
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  • Mobile industrial PDA wireless handheld terminal and solution

    Medical industry Medical staff need to keep abreast of the latest information of patients—medical records, treatment records, medication records, test records and inspection results, insurance information, etc., in real time. Utilizing WLAN wireless local area network and mobile computing soluti...
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  • The 5 most important features in a rugged smartphone

    1. Battery As the mobile business takes over the business and our personal lives, battery life has become the number one issue we discuss with potential buyers every day. For enterprise equipment, you need a very large internal battery. Additional packaging is possible, but it is expensive. They ...
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  • Industrial Rugged android tablet pc fhd hotel with magnetic fast charger

    Industrial Rugged android tablet pc fhd hotel with magnetic fast charger

    V800 8.0inch IPS 800×1280 Dragon trial (AGC) Rugged industrial Tablet / PDA/hand terminal, Designed for a wide range of industries, including industrial manufacturing, public safety and utility services, operating in extremely demanding environments.. It come with Android 7, android 10 OS(o...
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  • Application of Two Way Radio

    Application of Two Way Radio

    What is Two Way Radio? In 1936, Motorola walkie talkie company of the United States developed the first mobile radio communication product - "patrol brand" amplitude modulation vehicle radio receiver.With the development of nearly 3 / 4 century, the application ...
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  • What IoT system use for ?

    What IoT system use for ?

    As we all known, IoT is internet of things. It can be applied in many industries like warehouse management, health care industry, medical industry, transportation, logistics,agriculture and smart home. IoT system phones and tablets helps daily work more efficient. With IoT system phone, people wo...
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