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Application of Two Way Radio

What is Two Way Radio?

In 1936, Motorola walkie talkie company of the United States developed the first mobile radio communication product - "patrol brand" amplitude modulation vehicle radio receiver.With the development of nearly 3 / 4 century, the application of walkie talkie has been very common, and it has moved from specialized field to common consumption, from military walkie talkie to civil walkie talkie. It isnot only a professional wireless communication tool in mobile communication, but also a consumer tool with the characteristics of consumer products that can meet the needs of people's life. As the name implies, mobilecommunication is the communication between one party and the other party in the mobile. It includes mobile users to mobile users, mobile users to fixed users, and of course, fixedusers to fixed users. Radio intercom is animportant branch of mobile communication.

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U.S. 611 radio station

Two way radio, or transceiver, or walkie talkie is a kind of radio equipment that can transmit and receive audio broadcasting. In fact, everyone has used some kind of two-way radio in their lifetime. The types of devices classified as two-way radios range from simple 'walkie talkies' to even baby monitors to cell phones used in everyday life

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How Two Way Radio work?

Walkie talkies are considered to be simplex two-way radios. There are usually two different types of two-way radios, simplex and duplex. Simplex two-way radios are classified as radios that use one channel to transmit information. This means that at any time, only one person in the conversation can speak and be heard. The most common two-way radio is a handheld radio or walkie talkie, which usually has a 'push to talk' button to initiate transmission from one unit to another. At the same time, duplex two-way radio uses two different radio frequencies at the same time, creating the ability to conduct continuous conversations. A common example of this type of two-way radio is a product that many people use in their daily lives, such as cordless phones or cellular phones

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When two radios are within a certain range of each other, they can communicate simultaneously, but they can also communicate through a single channel when out of range. Two way radios with this capability are often referred to as intercom devices, direct devices, or car to car devices. Some two-way radios use analog technology, while others use broadcast. Digitally, both have advantages and disadvantages, as in the past. When the signal is weak or noisy, the use of analog signals has better communication capabilities, but as mentioned above, only one side of the conversation can be held at a time.

Portable shortwave radios have been used by the military and spies for decades because they allow two-way remote communication without the need for existing local radio infrastructure

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