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Mobile Handheld terminal application-identification

With the development of science and technology, the popularization and application of intelligence, mobile handheld terminal is widely applied to various industries.

 About the basic composition of the PDA handheld terminal. With a high performance and stable processor CPU, 1D/2D barcode scanner with outstanding speed and accuracy, high pixel camera, high-resolution capacitive screen; long-lasting batteries 5000mah~10000mah, High IP grade waterproof, MIL-STD-810G shockproof, 4G network, WiFi and so on to allow users to have a better working experience.

PDA handheld terminal its distinct features, can be customized according to different customer needs of different functional modules. Such as ID card, face recognition, can be achieved through the camera based on face recognition identity registration, authentication, login-in, etc., so that the identity authentication process is more secure and convenient.

Face and fingerprint are the biometric feature, no need to carry something similar to ID card. Face recognition can be fast, accurate, hygienic identification, and can be used covertly. Especially, biometric fingerprint identification is used to health sector, bank industry and government.

Today’s society is an era of information technology and intelligence, and  new technology is being popularized like society. We need to learn to use it, and comprehensively improve it and play a greater role.

Mobile handheld terminal products have been widely used in logistics , finance, public security, border control, government, aerospace, electricity, factories, education, medical and other fields.  Currently, the products and solutions produced by our company are highly relied on by customers in terms of practicality, reliability and cost-effectiveness!

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Post time: Oct-15-2023
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