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The 5 most important features in a rugged smartphone

1. Battery
As the mobile business takes over the business and our personal lives, battery life has become the number one issue we discuss with potential buyers every day. For enterprise equipment, you need a very large internal battery. Additional packaging is possible, but it is expensive. They are neither rugged nor waterproof, and usually increase the complexity of the device. Therefore, a large basic battery is required.

2. Security
Among all rugged smartphone functions, this is probably the most important consideration, because security is a big issue. As mobile becomes the norm for businesses, it is unacceptable to have a device that cannot share its information without your knowledge, and may even violate the law. Always ask the operating system where it came from and who developed it, because most cheap products that flow from China have various applications, which will be a nightmare for security managers.

This is also a challenge for people who use consumer smartphones from brands such as Samsung, HTC, and Google. The problem with these devices is that you never know when to get data devices and iPhones from mobile phones and some smart phones (such as the latest Galaxy), otherwise you will not be able to use them. But is it right to share the location data of your employees?

So how to solve this problem? We do this by customizing our operating system so that they can connect with Google. We will also weed out all malicious applications we found so that clean and safe equipment can be put into use.

3. Quality but at a price
Consumers, both individuals and businesses, have higher requirements for the goods they buy today. This means that not only must the product work as expected, but the entire experience must be simple, simple, and usable for years instead of weeks.

As with the security section above, look for the simplest Android experience you can get. Devices with a large number of applications are taking up valuable space and may be doing various things in the background. In addition, look for decent maintenance services, portals and quick basic maintenance. This is necessary to keep your business running normally, because it is an ecosystem of products and services designed to help your business run smoothly.

Finally, the product itself must be easy to use and of high quality. Too many devices have too many extra features that can destroy or mess them up. The rule of thumb is to make sure you are as close to the “original” Android experience as possible. Look for devices that are compact and easy to use, and provide appropriate services where needed to help you.

This must also be done at an appropriate price. The age of £1,000 durable equipment is over, so don’t be fooled by the hype. On the other hand, cheap £150 equipment is…cheaper. In this case, no one can make money, and because of the lack of support and quality, you will also lose money. 300-400 pounds should enable you to find the right balance between quality and price. Find a middle ground.

4. Robustness
Currently, there is a trend in the smartphone industry that is waterproof = durable, but it is far from the case. Enterprise equipment needs to be completely rugged, which means many things, such as:
Designed correctly
Rugged and durable function, can be used for a long time.

5. LCD screen
Like your smartphone, LCD screens need to be bigger these days. Usually, 5 inches is the best choice in the rugged world, but this is where the similarity ends. When buying your own personal phone, you want to watch movies, play games and get the best colors from the LCD screen. Therefore, what you are after is pixel density, resolution and the latest OLED panel technology.

Post time: Oct-24-2020
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