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UHF handheld, eight-core processor strong march!

UHF mobile phone . It is a machine used in warehouse inventory, new retail scanning code , manufacturing, police office and clothing management. Compared with the traditional mobile phones in the past, this mobile phone has added over-the-horizon RFID reading function . To improve or update an existing function.


UHF handheld terminal


1.Code scanning, card reading function is more powerful, wireless code scanning is more convenient.

 Even the inferior code, defaced code, UHF handheld can be quickly identified, the recognition rate is high. If the goods are damaged during transportation, there is no need to worry about the bar code. Wireless scanning code, so that the staff can walk freely, without being blocked by a rope to sweep their own code.

2.The barcode reading speed is fast, the rate of 10 seconds is 200tag

Some traditional hand-held machines need a second or two to stop to react after scanning the code. The UHF handheld does not need to waste time, its speed is 200tag per second. I can sweep the goods in 10 seconds, which is really a time saver.

3.Built-in positioning system, anti-fall and anti-loss.

The mobile phone has a GPS system inside, so you can find it wherever you leave it, and you won't worry about being stolen or careless people leaving it behind. And most importantly, fall proof. Everyone has the heartbreak of a phone shattering the screen, and it still can't prevent the phone from crashing to the floor. The handheld machine is not afraid of falling, and it has 1.5M anti-fall function.

Eight-core processor, huge memory, up to 4/6 GB of memory, high-definition display, long battery life, and GPS location. UHF RFID handheld is simply a machine tailored for the Internet of Things.

Post time: Oct-16-2023
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