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Handheld terminal Industrial PDA functions and application

For industrial PDA, 2D collection function is a basic function, the more common RFID reading and its including the LF 125KHz FDX-B,HDX according to ISO/IEC11784/5,LF 125KHz(Supports HID Proximity, higher security for general ID cards) and LF 134.2KHz(FDX-B and HDX). Choice different frequencies according to different application scenarios. The handheld terminal industrial PDA are more portable lighter, and easy to operate. Through the industrial PDA to scan bar codes or identify RFID e-tags, can be in the business process the product information read, record, update, and upload to the management system, help enterprises to achieve information one in stop management.

Application scenarios of handheld terminal industrial PDA:

1. Logistics express: It can be used for data collection of waybill for delivery personnel and data collection of transit field/warehouse. It can transmit waybill information to the server by scanning the express bar code and realize the inquiry of relevant business information and other functions.

2. Store or shop management: It is used for the collection and transmission of the data of store purchase, sale, storage, offering, adjustment, return, ordering and membership management, as well as the realization of store inventory.

3, Supermall or shoes, clothing ordering: based on WIFI wireless communication technology, The user can be placing order by industrial PDA application, the order data will be upload to the ordering system by Wi-Fi or 4G LTE mobile communication. Enterprise can be use this data information to do inquiry, statistical or analyze products trends and so on.

4, production and manufacturing: industrial PDA can be used for production and manufacturing enterprises of production line management, warehouse management; Industrial PDAs can read DPM codes for automotive manufacturing and machinery.

5, Medical care: industrial PDA can be used in mobile nurse station, mobile infusion, smart gauze management, and drug management and other medical scenarios, help the hospital to achieve resource integration, process optimization, to reduce operating costs, improve the quality of service and management level.

Post time: Feb-27-2023
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