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PDA mobile scanning code inbound and outbound software system development to easily manage warehouse tasks

Use the barcode scanning code entry and exit software to implement the whole process control and management of each link of the storage, and realize the serial number management of the barcode label for the cargo location, batch, shelf life, delivery, etc. The code-scanning inbound and outbound software standardizes the entire process of receipt, delivery, replenishment, collection, delivery, etc., and can also produce a variety of reasonable statistical reports according to the customer’s warehouse management system process requirements. With Rich barcode resources and years of experience in implementing barcode systems have introduced barcodes into warehouse management, eliminating the steps of manually writing bills and sending them to the computer room for input, and solving the problem of outdated and lagging warehouse information. Wherever items go, we can automatically track them. The combination of barcode technology and information technology in the software for scanning code in and out of warehouses helps enterprises to make reasonable and effective use of warehouse space and provide customers with high-quality services in a fast, accurate and low-cost manner.

(1) How to introduce barcode scanning software for warehouse entry and exit

1. Scientifically code the inventory and print the barcode label of the inventory.

2. Scientifically code the location of the warehouse and mark it with barcode symbols to realize the management of the location of the warehouse.

3. Use handheld data terminals with barcode scanning function for warehouse management.

4. Data synchronization and upload

(2) Introduction to the function of the code scanning software for warehouse entry and exit

1. Scan the QR code to manage the outbound and inbound management. Manage the inventory data informationally, increase the transparency of inventory management, and record and dynamically monitor the inbound and outbound information of commodities in real time.

2. The code scanning software for warehouse entry and exit provides functions such as inventory turnover analysis and warehouse utilization analysis, and can provide alarm reminders for stranded goods.

3. Improve the utilization rate of warehouse space. When the production capacity or inventory increases, there is no need to expand the warehouse.

4. It can print the electronic material account card of inventory in and out, inventory status table, inventory sub-warehouse list, inventory drawing and inventory difference and other statistical tables.

5. Scan the QR code to manage operations such as outbound and inbound operations. The inventory is fast and accurate, and does not affect the normal inbound and outbound operations.

6. The code-scanning inbound and outbound software realizes the management of the entire life cycle of production, warehousing, outbound, outbound, scrapping, and inventory.

(3) The key value of the code-scanning inbound and outbound software

1. Effectively support the enterprise’s requirements for batch traceability management

Through barcode management, it is convenient to record the batch information of glass production off-line, and can connect the key business information of each batch such as product, specification, quantity, weight and production date. If any quality problem occurs in any business link of the product life cycle, it can be conveniently located and traced back.

2. Improve the efficiency of operations such as receipt and delivery, and reduce the error rate of receipt and delivery

After using the wireless barcode scanning terminal, the speed and accuracy of data collection are greatly improved, and the occurrence of wrong and missed sending is effectively controlled.

3. Realize the reduction of staff and increase the efficiency of the enterprise

The use of scanning guns to carry out operations such as finished product storage, sales delivery, and inventory of commodities has greatly improved work efficiency and the timeliness of storage and storage processing. After the software for scanning code storage and delivery is launched, the company optimizes its personnel structure and brings benefits to the company. to real benefits.

The bar code technology is introduced into the warehouse management to scan the code to store in and out of the warehouse software solution to automatically collect the data of the warehouse’s arrival inspection, warehouse in, out of the warehouse, transfer, warehouse shift, inventory inventory, etc. , to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of data input in each operation link of warehouse management, to ensure that the enterprise can grasp the real data of the inventory in a timely and accurate manner, and to maintain and control the enterprise inventory reasonably. The software for scanning codes into and out of warehouses can also conveniently manage the batches and shelf life of items through scientific coding.

Post time: Nov-22-2022
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