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What are the types of barcode scanners? What are the differences?

Barcode scanners are usually also called barcode scanners/readers, which are devices used to read the information contained in barcodes. Using optical principles, the contents of barcodes are decoded and then transmitted to computers or other devices through data lines or wirelessly. device of.

What are the Different Types of Barcode Scanners?

1. According to the type of barcode, there are one-dimensional barcode scanner and two-dimensional barcode scanner;
One-dimensional barcode scanners cannot scan two-dimensional barcodes, and two-dimensional barcode scanners can scan one-dimensional barcodes and two-dimensional barcodes.

2. According to the scanning head, one-dimensional scanning guns are divided into laser scanning guns and rainbow scanning guns, and two-dimensional barcode scanning guns are image-based scanning; all barcode guns support barcode scanning of different code systems.

3. According to the appearance design, it can be divided into fixed barcode readers, handheld barcode readers and mobile portable barcode terminals. The fixed barcode readers are platform-type and not easy to carry. They are placed on the table or fixed on the terminal equipment. It can quickly scan in all directions; the handheld barcode reader is usually connected to the PC through the USB interface or the computer tablet through the Bluetooth; the mobile portable barcode terminal is similar to the mobile phone and can be used and carried around at any time. Among them, fixed and handheld are mostly used in the retail industry, and mobile and portable are used in a wider range. In addition to scanning codes, many advanced functions are integrated. For example, the LCD touch screen is flexible and convenient to use. In addition to being suitable for urban smart life, it can also be used in industrial production Large-scale use, it can be widely used in commercial retail, logistics, medical care, public services, factory and enterprise barcode detection, quality inspection, warehouse management, barcode application solutions, production process management and other fields.

The difference in appearance between portable scanners and mobile phones is getting smaller and smaller. Now mobile phones can also be scanned and identified. What is the difference between them?

1. Design and decoding

The barcode scanning gun has a dedicated barcode scanning engine, built-in dedicated decoding chip and camera, and the barcode two-dimensional code analysis speed is calculated in milliseconds.
Scanning a one-dimensional code or two-dimensional code with a mobile phone relies on the camera to capture pictures to decode and then output the captured photos, including decoding success rate, supported barcode types, calculation methods of decoding software and how to deploy mobile phone hardware, etc., which require secondary analysis output, the time will be much longer.

2. Operation method

The aiming method of the barcode scanning gun is called outer aiming. When the key switch is activated, there will be an aiming line (frame, center point, etc.) to help you align the barcode.
The mobile phone needs to align the barcode on the screen, which is very slow and inconvenient to operate, and the work efficiency is greatly reduced.

3. Data identification and transmission function

Compared with mobile phones, barcode data collectors are actually personal mobile devices with efficient scanning engines. It has an Android system. After scanning and reading the barcode, the device will automatically transmit it to the background application software through the wireless network, such as supermarket cash register, manufacturer traceability system, logistics storage system, storage system, etc. The mobile phone only has a single scan read function.

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Post time: Dec-08-2022
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