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What IoT system use for ?

As we all known, IoT is internet of things. It can be applied in many industries like warehouse management, health care industry, medical industry, transportation, logistics,agriculture and smart home. IoT system phones and tablets helps daily work more efficient.

With IoT system phone, people work in warehouse can achieve wireless data collection and transfer.

With IoT system tablet, doctors can monitoring patients’ situation like heart rate,blood pressure and pulse anytime precisely.

With IoT system tablet, farmers know how many plants they have to irrigate and know what to do can help to cut waste in the supply chain.

With IoT system tablet, logistics companies know how many goods they have sent and where they have sent everyday. With IoT system, metro companies know how many passengers in rush hour everyday.


SWELL rugged tablets and phones with IoT system will help customers to extend their business scopes and bring more opportunities globally.

Post time: Aug-06-2020
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