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What’s Intrinsically Safe Rugged Tablet (explosive rugged tablet)

Explosion-proof tablet (Intrinsically safe rugged tablet ) is mainly able to operate safely in the presence of explosive gas environment, which specifically designed for hazardous situations.

With the continuous expansion of the explosion-proof industrial tablet (intrinsically safe rugged tablet) market, more and more users consult explosion-proof industrial tablet or intrinsically safe rugged tablet. It can be widely used in coal mine, gold mine, silver mine, copper mine, iron mine, lead and zinc mine. It can be used in places with explosion-proof requirements, such as chemical plants, oil refineries, food factories, etc. The explosion-proof grade of this product is the highest explosion-proof grade. It can operate normally in places with explosion hazards such as gas, coal dust, dust and high explosive gas.

Some users do not know how to understad the standard and certificate, of intrinsically safe rugged tablet or explosion-proof rugged tablet. Let’s take a look at the standard of explosion protection first.

1 II 2 G Ex db IIC T4 Gb

Ex: Specific marking for explosion protection.

II: Equipment Group

G: Environment

db: Protection Type

IIC: Atmosphere Group

T4: Temperature Class

Gb: Equipment protection level

Explosion-proof tablet zone “Ex” scheme, Explosion-proof tablet that cannot ignite explosive gas mixtures during normal operation, one failure or two failure. Contacts with sparks shall be covered with flameproof housing, airtight housing or doubly enhanced safety factor. ib level means explosion-proof tablet that cannot ignite explosive gas mixtures in normal operation and a failure.

Explosion-proof tablet advantages

1. The staff can input and consult hidden problems, which is helpful for problem rectification.

2. Timely understand the operation of underground systems, timely obtain alarm information, and improve the ability of disaster prevention and resistance.

3. Check the standardized operation process and equipment data of each post in real time, which provides convenience for on-site maintenance.

4, understand the system feedback equipment operating parameters and curves, to provide a scientific basis for reasonable arrangement of maintenance.

5. Realize highly shared information, which greatly improves the level of information office of underground working.

For the explosion-proof tablet certificate, Some peoples call the Explosion-proof tablet certificate as ATEX, but some peoples call it IECEx, both are right, just different area for different certificate. ATEX for europeon, IECEx for North America.

If you want to know more information about explosion-proof tablet or PDA, please send us a words. We will explain more information for you.

Post time: Apr-03-2023
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